A penguin and a polar bear are sitting on an iceberg. The penguin yells, "No Soap Radio!" They both jump in the water.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Highlight of my day

You remember that story I wrote about the WUAG DJ breaking the world record?

Did you read it? No?

Well, WIRED! did.

Definitely the highlight of my day. Since about 7:30 this morning, anyway.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Been a while

I write for newspapers. Did I mention that? Sometimes I get caught up in that, for a month or so at a time, and I forget to update this thing.

For instance, I wrote a column about ice cream. It's riveting.

I wrote something your parents shouldn't read. My parents haven't yelled at me for it yet. Maybe they paid attention to the title. I used to catch an ear full about once every three weeks over something I wrote--damn Internet making things available to whomever. I hope they're not jaded already. I'm only 22, and dying young went out of style in the 60s.

I spent most of the summer writing about everything from world-touring bands to garage bands to garage artists to a guy touring across country with his guitar and his bicycle because he couldn't afford gas, but would rather do that than not play. I participated in a spelling bee, and was eliminated in the first round--a proud moment to be a writer. I drove all over the Triad for 30-minute interviews in neighborhoods in Winston or shrimp bars in High Point. I wrote a story about a musical production of "The Full Monty"--and I interviewed all the actors by phone. I gave blood for the first time, which wasn't writing-related but did happen in a conference room of the News & Record. Mostly I just wrote about too many bands to mention, and I have the towering stack of free CDs to prove it.

But the definite highlight of the summer was writing the Go Triad cover story about Johnny Walker, the radio DJ who stayed on air for 175 hours straight to win the world record for longest radio broadcast. I dropped in on Johnny a few times a day from day one until the end. It was the most involved I've ever been with a story, and it was also the most fun I'd ever had writing one. The hardest part was whittling down my 3,000 words of notes alone into a 1,100ish-word story. Filling a reporter's notebook from front to back was satisfying in itself.

And I'm sure if I focused all that typing into one endeavor I'd have a book done by now.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

World becoming increasingly unsuitable for my lifestyle

"Work Life Curbs Greece's Healthy Napping Custom"

NPR--For most of history, climate shaped the way people lived their everyday lives. In some of the world's hottest places, people still take a midday siesta. But modern life is making that a rarity, even as science shows that napping may be good for your health.

I don't know if I want to live in a world where, even if it's a place I've never been to or will actually visit, people don't take siestas. In my perfect world, conversations like this would echo through office lobbies.

Secretary - "Mr. Jenkins' office."
Boss - "Tom Jenkins, please."
Secretary - "Mr. Jenkins is taking a nap sir, may I take a message?"
Boss - "What? Why is Jenkins sleeping in the middle of a work day?!?"
Secretary - "Because fuck you, that's why."

I don't want a real job or an office. I just want a secretary to tell people to fuck off for me.