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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Financial lemming

Someone I know asked me a while back what I would do if money wasn't a factor, the famous Office Space question. The fact that I'd still write tells me I'm in the right career track, but I would probably get rid of the things I don't like, such as getting up early, doing work I don't want to do, and wearing pants. I'd probably just blog.

When I heard of Smorty, a site that basically pays to advertise on blogs by paying you for blogging whatever opinion you have on topics they come up with, I figured it was B.S. Then a couple of my friends gave it a shot, and Joe said he made 50 bucks in a week, and I decided it was time to go with the crowd.

Obviously I wouldn't be doing this if the site tried to control what I write in any way. Get paid to blog, write what I want, doesn't seem like a bad deal. The only catch is I can't label which post is from Smorty. So, fair warning, some of the unbiased entries to follow may or may not be making me small amounts of money.


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