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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Cheap Eats launched

I'm a week late with this, but my column in Go Triad launched Thursday. Not this Thursday, last Thursday. I've been busy.

It got plugged on the front page as well.

So that's exciting. Take a gander at the first Cheap Eats.

Beef Burger is a fast food restaurant stuck in the fifties.

It's not a chain diner trying to re-create the '50s, mind you. There's no attempt to mimic the set of "Happy Days." No ornamental jukebox on display while a CD player in the back plays the "Greatest Hits of the '50s!" No overwhelmingly chirpy staff that greets you at the door with a fake smile that suggests everyone in the '50s was really, really happy about the Cold War.

They just haven't redecorated in 50 years.

The whole thing.


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