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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

TIME: Another Unabomber in the Making?

Time.com -- He calls himself the Bishop, an unthreatening sounding name if there ever was one, but law enforcement and private security officials fear he may be another unabomber in the making. In late January, the mysterious figure sent a letter bomb to two Midwestern financial services companies. The message inside both packages, which were discovered by mail clerks, read "Bang! You're dead". The boxes arrived at American Century Investments in Kansas City and Perkins, Wolf, McDonnell and Co., a Chicago financial services company. Both had all the makings of a pipe bomb, a PVC pipe filled with buckshot and smokeless powder, plus protruding wires. But the sender had not included a power source, which indicated to investigators that The Bishop, meant to terrify, not kill — at least not yet.

Why the media isn't all over this like they were Anna Nicole Smith I don't know. Maybe we're less about terror and more about blonde white women as a culture right now. It's probably for the best; psychos always love attention. It'll flare up once he kills someone though.

The scariest part about this isn't that he's sending bombs without a coherent grasp on basic grammar or spelling - though that could be him putting on a show. The scariest part is the last graph:

"Looking back to the Unabomber case, Theodore Kaczynski began sending IEDs in 1978," Burton said. "Despite the large quantity of physical evidence, it was not forensics that led to his 1996 arrest, but rather a tip from his brother." In the meantime, Kaczynski had killed three and injured 23 with his devices

You can make a bomb out of almost anything. You can mail a bomb to anyone and get away with it. It's so easy it's scary. Spend a week making a computer virus and set a country's economy back a few million. One person can shut down almost any website, anytime, from anywhere with a DNS attack. There's a guy in Arizona that'll sell you plans, anonymously, for a .50 caliber sniper rifle that no one will ever be able to trace back to you.

Technology has made us a herd of sheep terrified by lone wolves.


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