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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Latest twists in Guilford case

Joe Killian's latest report on the Guilford attack -- three Palestinian students were allegedly attacked by a number of members of the school's football team -- has a few interesting twists.

- Prosecutors are deciding what action will be taken. Either 1)"Prosecute the case based on the witness statements and the report put together by the college's public safety department," 2) "Ask the Greensboro Police Department to conduct a follow-up investigation," or 3) "Drop the charges."

- The FBI is deciding whether it will get involed.

- A father of one of the players has spoken up with an interesting take.

Tim Bates, who has distributed pictures of a bruised Michael Robert Six, said the Palestinian students started the fight. He offered a picture of Six's back with what appears to be a belt-buckle shaped bruise as the strongest evidence.

"Here's a guy who is supposedly beating someone and he has a whip mark on his back," Bates said. "It doesn't make sense. It shows you who the real aggressors were."

Not only does the story have legs, it's running its ass off. I really didn't expect the "those three kids attacked the at least five and possibly 15 football players" defense. I'm interested to see how that plays out.

One this is for sure: An unseen victim in all of this has to be Joe's cell phone, which I assume hasn't stopped ringing for several days now. At least one drink is on me tomorrow, Joe.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

As a Guilford student myslef, I appreciate this balanced view combined with the "bug-eyed" take (shared by myself) on this new aspect of things.

1/27/2007 04:41:00 PM  

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