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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Knowledge is Power #1

"There is much pleasure to be gained from useless knowledge." - Bertrand Russell

I'm going to start posting random and most likely useless facts as I come across them. Partially because they're interesting, partially because it gives me an excuse to screw around on the Internet, and partially because reinforcing facts immediately - like writing something about them - helps you remember them. Slowly revealing a list of things I didn't know will also give you a pretty good estimate of how dumb I really am.

"One time" - Refers to the cops. It's said by the first person to spot a police car or cop on foot, and means that the speaker has had the first look so no one else should look. People doing double-takes or multiple members of a group eyeing a police officer can grab a cop's attention.

I first heard this in the movie Menace II Society in a scene where it was pretty obvious the guy was using it to refer to the cop car speeding directly at him. Never again did I hear this phrase until about five minutes ago when I heard The Game use it on his newest album. I understood it meant cops, I just had no idea why. Now you know too.


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