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Sunday, December 10, 2006

People worry me

ANDREWS- Nathan Vogler is your typical 15-year-old boy, his mom likes to say.

The only difference is that when his friends are learning Spanish, he's learning Braille. And while they're taking driver's education, he has to sit out.

Vogler, of Andrews, started losing his eyesight when he was 5. Now, with no color or peripheral vision and very little tunnel vision, he is legally blind.

But his lack of vision doesn't slow him down, he says. And in mid-November, he went on a special hunting trip with the Pisgah chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation, part of a national initiative to take disabled hunters into the woods.

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While North Carolinians are making it illegal to ride a lawn mower while drunk we should have made another new law: if you're blind, you don't get a gun. People with perfect vision miss shots all the time. Sending a blind kid into the woods with a gun is like a deadly game of pinata. You remember the kid that would pretend to not know where the board was in "Pin the Tail on the Donkey," and he'd kind of stagger around with his pin and scare the other kids? Well imagine he actually didn't know, and imagine he had a sword. Or better yet, he had something that shot swords at you. Like a gun.

How does it work? The kid points his shotgun in a random direction for three hours, waits patiently for a deer to come into his sights, and then his dad shouts "NOW!" It's the only way I can possibly imagine that playing out. How is it fun for the kid? Let's say he actually takes a shot, and let's just assume that, for whatever reason, he doesn't get within a mile of his target. Wouldn't a good father just lie to him?

"Good shot Billy, hit it right in the face."
"I hear screaming dad."
"Give me the rifle son."

And if a father could do that, why not just dress the kid up in camoflauge (or something that feels like camoflauge, doesn't really matter), drive around for an hour, pull into the backyard and have him hunt there. Give him blanks and let him pop a few rounds off at the neighbor's kids. Your son has fun, no one gets shot because he thought they were a deer, and those kids stay out of your yard from now on. Everybody wins.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Right on, bro'. I hope the NRA doesn't track you down, or you'll really be sorry. (Keep up the good blog.)

12/11/2006 10:13:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are obviously an asshole! We stumbled on this blog just recently and I have to respond to it, if for no other reason than I feel you are an uneducated moron, not to mention you are also very discriminatory and you are more mentally blind than my son is physically blind.
There are degrees of blindness, just as there are degrees of stupidity. My son is legally blind...are you legally stupid or were you born that way ?
Nathan is a very vibrant young man and people like you could do well to take a lesson in life from people like him. Nathan has made more accomplishments in 16 years than you will probably make in life, if you maintain the attitude you had when you wrote this article. He will graduate from high school 1 1/2 years early with more that a full year of college at the same time.
Just as you have to make adaptations to live in your "normal" world, physically challenged people have to make adaptations. Have you ever heard that people with limited sight have super sensitive hearing? Nathan took hunter safety training and finished with the 2nd highest score in the training...2nd only to his dad. Because of his tunnel vision he can zero in on a target better than most sharpshooters.
With your attitude, I wish you well in life....you need all the people you can get behind you because you are destined to take a hard fall.
Nathan's Mom

5/28/2008 09:30:00 AM  

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