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Friday, December 08, 2006

I wish it would snow

From Joey Comeau's blog -- It snowed. I don't have any snow boots. With snow boots, you can't run and slide in the slush. I like to run as fast as I can and slide on my feet. I like to see cars spin and crumple against lamp posts. I hope nobody gets hurt. I hope nobody ever gets hurt. Everybody's going to die anyway. I like to watch metal crumple and I like to see it after it has. I've been in car accidents in the snow. You spin and spin and crunch - you hit. Afterwards, you're glad to be alive. The cost doesn't matter, not in those few wonderful moments. You're glad to be alive, and if there was a man taking money and selling tickets, you would go again and again.

EDIT: Great new comic at A Softer World.

These are the kind of entries that blogs are made for. Short thoughts, tiny little essays that couldn't belong anywhere else. It's one of the things I like about blogging, but more one of the things I like about reading other people's blogs. The story the above entry reminded me of was going to be one of those short thoughts. Instead it spun into a much longer yarn, and it's going in the novel. That's another thing I like about blogging. It gives me another excuse to write. And sometimes with writing, you never know what's going to happen.

Short aside: So NaNoWriMo came and went, and I'm left without a complete novel. I did start, but didn't come close to finishing on time. Writing a novel right before exams was a masochistic goal anyway.

Time management, or the simple lack of time, isn't the reason I stopped. It's the reason I would have failed anyway, but I stopped sometime in mid-November much before the actual deadline. A very odd moment came up during an argument between two of my characters that I can't fully explain without giving away the story (don't you just hate that). In a fury of typing, one person asked my main character a question about himself for which I had no answer. My mind drew a blank; I had nothing. I saved my Word file and closed my laptop, and I haven't looked at it since.

I've never written fiction to that degree, and it was some of the most fun I've had writing. The novel will be completed in some form.


Blogger Joe Killian said...

I've tried to write a novel twice.

I got a little over 200 pages into one about growing up and disillusionment and boxing and then realized it was crap and got rid of the whole thing.

Then I tried to do it for NANOWRIMO one year, trying to write a pulp novel. I too found that it falling just before exams broke my back. Never really finished it to my satisfaction.

12/08/2006 09:15:00 PM  

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