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Saturday, December 02, 2006

PSA for Jacksonville residents

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- You need to know about several state laws that take effect today in North Carolina.

Teenage drivers can no longer talk on a cell phone behind the wheel. The law effects teens under the age of 18. There are a few exceptions to the law. Teens will be able to use their cell phone for an emergency or to call their parents or guardians.

A second new law going into effect today, helps state law enforcement agents track violent sexual predators. Beginning today, agents will use new GPS devices to track habitual and violent sex offenders. Its a lifelong tracking system for offenders.

A new seatbelt law now requires passengers in the back seat of a vehicle to wear a seatbelt. Until now, only people in the front seats and children under 16 had to buckle up. Troopers will hand out warnings beginning today.

Finally, it's now against to law to drive or operate a bicycle or lawn mower if you are legally drunk.

The last one kind of cuts into our Christmas activites back home. The biking, that is. Not so much with the mowing. What can I say? Jacksonville is a boring place.

Also, the government has no reason or right to require people in the backseat to wear a seatbelt. My libertarian rage almost makes me want to stop wearing them in the backseat on principle. Almost, because I also don't want to die just yet.


Blogger Paul Elledge said...

"Also, the government has no reason or right to require people in the backseat to wear a seatbelt."

If you understand that, then you should understand why the government doesn't have a right to require people to do anything.

12/04/2006 10:49:00 PM  

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