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Friday, December 29, 2006

It's so...I just....sigh...

The Charlotte Observer -- Robin Hayes is an heir to a textile fortune and a former GOP candidate for N.C. governor. Since 1999, he has represented part of the Charlotte area in Congress. Next up: missionary to the Middle East?

A weekly newspaper in Concord, Hayes' hometown, quoted the congressman this week as saying that stability in Iraq ultimately depends on "spreading the message of Jesus Christ, the message of peace on earth, good will towards men." Hayes was speaking to the Concord Rotary Club.

"Everything depends on everyone learning about the birth of the savior," Hayes added, according to the Concord Standard and Mount Pleasant Times.

I just wanted to use this opportunity to remind everyone that Jesus is the reason for the season. I also want to wish you all a happy New Year, which, if Hayes has his way, will be just like the past year: bloody, yet satisfying in that "God wants us to do this" kind of way.


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