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Thursday, November 09, 2006

"I have seen the past"

City of Legends -- After much pondering, I have finally, I think, come up with a definition and a distinction between Conservative and Liberal that is workable to my worldview.

Both seek to do what they think is best, regardless of whether the primary goal of their ethos is a better world or just a better life for themselves.

The split is over the form of that better place, that better world.

The Conservative honestly and earnestly believes that in the past, perhaps even in their personal past, the world was as perfect as they can perceive of it being. Whether their vision is the entrepreneurial 80's or their childhood in small town America, they believe that a return to the principles and framework of those times is ideal.

The Liberal believes in utopia. A place not yet visited, where abstract principles have become concrete and life is better than ever before in the past. They are visionaries and idealists, if sometimes without being able to explain why the world would be better, or even disagreeing as to what that "future, perfect" will look like.

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Forget greensboro101, poets101 is where it's at.

It's also just a guess, but a lot of southern conservatives could probably pin that moment in time down to anywhere before 1865. Or, for the more religious among them, the night of October 6, 1998, if you happened to live in Laramie, Wyoming at the time.


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