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Monday, October 30, 2006

Oh that's cute... let's eat it

A little while ago we were sitting in the CA office, we being the three CAs in my dorm (PV, Lake, yours truly), discussing why it is that the cuter the animal is, the better it will taste. Our basic example was that cow is good, but veal -- poor, tortured baby cows -- are delicious. It only stands to reason that while chicken is tasty, eating baby chicks would be heavenly. Lake, the resident vegan, was just thrilled with our opinions.

We ventured guesses about what cute animals would taste the best -- I have a theory that the reason I like tuna so much is the trace amounts of dolphin in it -- but PV topped the conversation off with, "I guess we won't be able to settle this until one of us eats a panda."

In that context, you'll understand why I found this especially hilarious.


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