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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Rocky 6 trailer

A trailer for the 6th Rocky, Rocky Balboa, is out. I wasn't excited before. Now I'm excited.

At first I thought the idea of Rocky fighting again was kind of stupid, but every Rocky has been kind of stupid. Sylvester Stallone is kind of like that dumb friend in high school who always had really bad ideas that somehow seemed to end up in fun times. "Hey guys, let's go down to the lake and kick homeless people!" or "Let's go to Tiajuana and watch this chick suck off a horse!". Bad ideas, but you laugh later.

Stallone wrote, directed, produced and starred in it. I'm always interested in projects where one person has so much control. It helps you really see what they can do, how far their vision can take them. The auteur theory, my professors would call it.

Plus nobody gets their ass kicked like Stallone.


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