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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Chris Lowrance kicks puppies

Carolinian Executive Editor and Yes! Weekly staffer Chris Lowrance wrote a piece ("Coulter digs the Dead and I can kick puppies") about Ann Coulter's claimed love for the Grateful Dead, Kanye West, and an assortment of other bands that make you think Coulter will literally say anything to keep seeing her name in print.

The main point he brings up is that the music Coulter claims she listens to has political messages that she's conveniently ignoring, and it made me think. I've long held that there is a lot of good Christian rock, and some good Christian rap, but lately as my hatred for religion grows I'm finding myself unable to listen to even the blandest of Christian songs.

The same, in a sense, goes for normal rap. I love rap in all forms, and most forms deal with pimps, hos, murder, stealing, and all sorts of other immoral, illegal things I don't normally participate in. There is a point I get to where the mindless trash of it all, the ad nasueum "niggas" and other curses that serve no purpose other than to maintain rhythm in an idiotic song with pathetic lyrics, gets to me and I have to fast for a bit.

But overall I find it hard to be moved politically by songs who advocate crime or the objectification of women and then, literally, have a chorus that rings "FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU..." If they don't put in the effort to make it a work of art then the mindless message gets paid no mind. This point would be a defense for Coulter if she was listening to Lil' John or something of that nature, but Kanye is still definitely at odds with her core beliefs.

That, and the "forked-tongue-in-cheek" line about put me on the floor.


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