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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Congratulations to Mrs. Bru--no, wait... wtf?

Hey, congratulations Ben's mom. Now that Mrs. Dennis isn't there, I'd say Mrs. Brulet was definitely the best teacher at NWP. She put up with the 8th grade me, which is impressive in itself. I would have kicked my ass.

In other news, my middle school has a website now. What? The teachers have their own pages, homework listings included. More than half of my college professors refuse to use Blackboard, much less maintain their own webpage, and middle school teachers are doing it.

I actually had a history professor tell me that "the jury is still out" on PowerPoint presentations. That is, the jury has been out since PowerPoint came out in 1987. Microsoft Windows only came out in 1985, how many of you jury members are staring at it right now? At what point in getting your Masters degree do they teach you that computers aren't evil?


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