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Thursday, April 13, 2006


Last night's episode of South Park, the second of a two-part series, was supposed to show a depiction of the Muslim prophet Muhammed. It was pretty hyped up, even though Comedy Central's commericials promoting the cartoon left out any mention of Muhammed. Much to my dismay, instead of a demonstration supporting free speech Comedy Central served up a big bowl of censorship.

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Bastards. They yank the Scientology episode, the Bloody Mary episode, now they won't show Muhammed. Well, I should say NOW they won't show Muhammed. Here's the clip that aired (including Kyle's speech):

Notice that Kyle said, "Yes, people can get hurt. That's how terrorism works. But if you give into that Doug, you're allowing terrorism to work. Do the right thing here."

Doug Herzog is the president of Comedy Central, and it wasn't established that the fictional president of Fox was named Doug. Doug didn't listen. Damn you Doug.

In case you didn't watch the terrorist retaliation, here's just that clip:

In America, you can show Jesus Christ taking a shit on President Bush and the American flag, but you can't show one picture of Muhammed. That's the same as shitting on the Constitution. Speaking of one picture of Muhammed:

That's all it would have been. It's not guaranteed that this is a genuine shot of the censored footage, but the South Park Scriptorium has a downloadable clip of what they're saying is the uncensored version. I can't imagine it would have been all that different from the the SP Scriptorium clip, because the Muhammed shown there is exactly the same as the FIRST time South Park showed Muhammed (season five):

No public outcry then. And then there's this season's intro sequence that's been used since March (which is impossible to spot without looking at it, but it's still funny that South Park has been showing Muhammed this entire time):

You can also see Buddha on the far left, and Jesus on the right.

Comedy Central could be called a lot of things for this. Gutless cowards, for instance. Weak-kneed disgraceful defectors. Spineless un-American back-stabbing traitors. Pick any of the antonyms to patriotic, honorable, brave or honest. They all apply.


Blogger Rick said...

Meh...to quote Peter David (dear God, I'm really doing a bang-up job trying not to come off as a fanboy): "It seems kind of fruitless to blame a business for acting like a business." If, Allah forbid, something went boom at Comedy Central headquarters (or Viacom headquarters) had the episode been uncensored then you just know the victims' lawyers would be citing this South Park episode when they sue the execs for negligence. My point is there's more than enough blame to go around here, why fix your sites on the network execs?

re:Jesus and poo "hypocrisy"...I think I missed the violent riots sparked by angered Christians after the earlier South Park episodes Jesus appeared on. Given the context of the show, given the context of this particular episode, and given the predilection of crazy-eyed Muslims (not equally crazy-eyed Christians) to actually incite violence because of cartoons, I don't see hypocrisy. Once again we're talking about a company that's merely interested in protecting its assets. Depicting JC on South Park has never brought Comedy Central violence in the past; ergo, JC can be beaten up by Santa, beaten up by Satan, and throw poo willy-nilly.

South Park is censored every single night it’s aired. I find it really difficult to summon up any energy for a Trey & Matt pity party. They're gonna release the uncensored version on DVD and take their crocodile tears to the bank. Of course that particular DVD will probably not be sold at Border's...(and to skillfully bring this comment full-circle)..."but I digress."

4/26/2006 01:40:00 PM  

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