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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

It's not too late for a road trip

From: Greensboro, NC
To: Portland, OR
Drive: 2,792 mi (about 1 day 18 hours)

I've only flown once in my life. My family flew to and from Atlanta on a trip to Six Flags. The ride there was bumpy like the rollercoaster rides I was happy to be anticipating. The ride back was bumpy like the inevitable scene in every hijack movie where something goes wrong with the plane and the passengers are now horrified by two ways of being killed. For me, instead of gun-toting lunatics strolling the aisles I was tortured by my heart and stomach. Every bump or turn the plane made was a knot in my gut and a pounding in my chest. There was nothing different about the plane ride, it just wasn't fun anymore.

Tomorrow a few of us from The Carolinian are headed to the west coast for a journalism conference. Our plane goes airborne at 6:40 AM. I still think we should have rented a van and made a road trip of it. With one positive and one negative experience it's impossible to say if the two flights carrying us to Portland and the three bringing us back will be good or bad, but I plan on dealing with them the same way I deal with most things: drinking too much and scribbling furiously in a moleskin notebook. The results of which, along with pictures, will be posted here in a week.


Blogger Joe Killian said...

We took a road-trip to New York City for a journalism conference a few years ago. That was bad enough. We had a great time but the drive was not ideal. You definitely don't want to try it to Portland.

3/06/2007 07:17:00 PM  

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