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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

FAUX NEWS: Spanish professor refuses to speak English

A UNCG Spanish professor was ejected from a local Mexican restaurant Friday when he refused to speak English to the wait staff. Bill Rodgers, a Greensboro native, is in his fourth year teaching Spanish at UNCG. Rodgers was thrown out of "El Cerro Grande," Spanish for "The Mexican Restaurant," after he repeatedly tried to order in Spanish.

"He came in and just started going off in Spanish," said Travis Smith, the waiter who served Rodgers. "The only Spanish I know is on the menu. Honestly, I don't even know what 'chalupa' really means."

Rodgers initially refused to leave, prompting restaurant staff to contact the police. Upon their arrival, officers from the Greensboro Police Department also instructed Rodgers to exit the restaurant. The GPD teaches officers simple Spanish phrases such as "I am a police officer" and "Tilt your head back to stop the bleeding."

Give me more

This went to press Sunday night and was distributed today. Monday afternoon my Spanish 102 professor banned us from speaking any English in class. El coincidence.

Obviously there's a difference between speaking Spanish halfway through Spanish 102 and speaking it on the first day of 101.


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