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Saturday, July 14, 2007


I searched for "Zen" on YouTube and I found this.

I Googled the phrase "meaning of life". It took me to a Wikipedia page where the phrase "citation needed" appears 168 times.

Under related articles in that Wiki I found "Meaning of Death", which taught me about "Informational Theoretical Death." It's a term stolen from computer science that means some event -- an injury, a disease, anything -- has destroyed someone's mind to a point in which they can no longer function as the same person they were before that event.

"Using this outlook on death, it is possible that a person who is suffering amnesia is, in essence, dead."

Our memories change, we change, and the person you used to be dies. How do you hold a funeral for a personality?

I forget what it is I was originally looking for, which is slightly less annoying than not being able to tell whether or not you found it.


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