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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

I Can't Believe I... Smoked Salvia

When I first heard of Salvia, I was skeptical. We've all heard tales of alternative drugs, supposed herbal supplements that create some sort of high, or over-the-counter drugs taken improperly creating a simultaneous trip and near-death experience. A co-worker once encouraged me to take an entire bottle of Dramamine, because it made him "see shadow people." Another friend downed two packets of Morning Glory flower seeds and found himself on the roof of a stranger's house, screaming at neighbors he didn't know.

Somehow these stories never really convinced me to put these things in my body. They also kept me far away from many of the parties I was invited to, insuring that the company I kept wasn't the company that got me in jail.

Still somehow, through my skepticism, Salvia piqued my interest. Unlike the activities mentioned above, Salvia has a bit of a following, marked by its legal sale in most head shops.

An aside for those of you not in the know, Salvia divinorum is a plant that, when ingested, is supposed to create a hallucinogenic experience. It's part of the sage family, and can be smoked or taken orally.

But does it work? There has to be a reason why this isn't as mainstream as other drugs. If it was just as fun, and legal to boot, it should be even more common than other drugs. I reasoned that if Salvia were the cool thing to do, it would be as popular as marijuana or alcohol is today.

I had never tried anything hallucinogenic or psychedelic in any sense of the word, so I was stepping on foreign ground when I lit my pipe full of Salvia. A deep breath to steady myself, then another full of smoke, and I was off.

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This detailed the first experience I had with Salvia, but I made myself try it a couple more times before I wrote this just to make sure I didn't have one bad reaction to it. Hated it both times. Don't do Salvia.


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