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Friday, September 15, 2006

Greek to me

Since writing a Cheap Eats on Jack's Corner, the Greek restaurant right off of UNCG's campus, I've gotten several emails concerned not with the column's content, but with the actual ancestry of the restaurant's owners.

One was from a competing restauranteur, who, while saying I should review his restaurant, somewhat randomly threw in, "By the way we are "Greek" owned and operated. The last time I know of Jack's was owned by Christian Orthodox Muslims that attend the Greek Church in Greensboro."

Does this matter in some way? Is there a big rivalry I'm not aware of? What the hell is a Christian Orthodox Muslim? Is that like a Liberal Jew Buddhist? The better one came today.

"Hey Luke,

The people who own Jacks are Palestinian, not Greek.


.....thanks? I don't understand the reason or meaning for any of that, but those Christian Orthodox Muslim Palestinians can whip up one hell of a gyro.


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